The Museum of Oil Shale and projects

Project based activities of the Museum of Oil Shale are versatile, we implement them both in our everyday work and also to participate in international projects.
The most important internal projects are:
Digitalising the photo collection (90% complete), which was begun on the 10th of June 2006 with the help of volunteers. In 2007 and 2008 the project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture.

Digitalising the art collection (95% complete), which was begun on the 1st of March 2008 and was only conducted by the museum’s specialists.
Creating an electronic database (15% complete), which is an important part of our day-to-day work with several of the museum’s workers pitching in as much as possible.
RECORD YOURSELF in History is a special project for storing history that we initiated on the 25th of April 2009, which consists of video interviews mostly conducted with elderly miners. The interviewers have been Sergei Korotkov, Ainar Varinurm, Deniss Aleksejev and Eeva Kesküla. The majority have thus far been conducted by Eeva Kesküla.
10 PHOTOS is an exhibitions project that provides non-professionals with the opportunity of presenting ten of their photos (that have a connecting theme) to the public and also to have a real exhibition experience along with the connected activities, from compiling the annotation to taking down the exhibition. At least one photo from each exhibition will be donated to the photo collection of the Museum of Oil Shale.
A DOZEN PHOTOS is an exhibitions project for professional photographers, where the main keywords are ‘oil shale land’ and ‘the oil shale industry’. At least one photo from each exhibition will be donated to the photo collection of the Museum of Oil Shale.
The Oil Shale Museum is a technology museum, but our unique and rarely used art collection has provided both us and our colleagues with much to do and discover. For more information go to the art collection sub-paragraph.
THE FUND EXHIBITION takes place once a year in February and consists of a selection of our art collection that is put on display. The aim was to give our guests an opportunity to see the majority of our art collection over the course of 5-6 years. The first fund exhibition was opened on the 15th of February 2007 and by now, six have taken place.
Familiar Pictures was a one-time exhibition/photo competition to introduce the works in our art collection that depict views of Kohtla-Järve from different eras. The purpose of the photo competition was to find the location, where the artist made the work and photograph the “current” view of the same location. 
VIRTUAL TOURISM – this is the most substantial of our international projects so far. A virtual exhibition, Estonian Artists in Russia, was compiled on DVD in cooperation with the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia (co-financing Inetrreg III B).