White Hall

On the 28th of May 1983, on the Leningrad road 18, the exhibition hall, an office of the Kohtla-Järve Museum of Oil Shale was opened. The exhibition “The painting of the Soviet Estonia from the collections of the Art Fund of the ESSR” has been dated for the opening.

The name “White Hall” has been offered by Mati Rautso, Art teacher from Jõhvi Art School.

There have been held a lot of various exhibitions. In addition to the main activity, plenty of vocal ensembles, dancing troupes and chamber brass bands have performed there, fashion shows and theatrical performance were very popular either. Juhan Lasman, Woldemar Peil, Leili Pure, Aleksander Igonin have organized their anniversary exhibitions in the White Hall. The presentations of their books were held there by Virve Osila, Juhan Lasman, child photographic studio "Silbet", etc.

In 1988, after the annual exhibition of the Kohtla-Järve Artist Club, White Hall was closed to renewal; it has been scheduled to resume the activity after three months as an exhibition, theatre and concert hall of the Museum of Oil Shale. But time had made its own arrangements and since 1999 the building has joined to the Kohtla-Järve Centre of Culture and started to function as a city gallery. Currently Museum owns the building again.